Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Unsafe Delhi's ride for a guy.

Queerness is something which raises eyebrows here in India. People argue that generation next is perverting the dandy culture of the land. Notwithstanding, it seems to be insane, especially when you are native to public transport in New Delhi. The instances of obscure homosexuality are quite visible, pity.

Lucky has switched to metro trains now. Earlier he used to travel in DTC buses. A young man in his twenties is straight. In fact, he likes pretty girls and sometimes, women too. Once, he was returning from office in overcrowded DTC bus. These buses are always alike. As if whole Delhi has sheltered in it. This evening was just like any other day. After a long fatiguing day, Lucky entered in the bus. Home is one hour away. It is foolish to expect a seat in such fully packed motor coach.

Probably, Lucky was ‘lucky’ today. He pushed bunches of people and made a way to reach at the remainder of the coach. This place increases the probability of getting a seat. Also women usually detest this corner as there are no reserved seats. Suddenly a half aged, hefty, grinning gentleman with thick mustache collected his bottom and produced a small empty space at the corner of his seat. Overjoyed young man swooped like a hungry wolf and within a nanosecond, he was sitting over there. Though he was lamb and not wolf.

Sooner, the handbag of mustache man started traveling toward the lap of Lucky from his with a speed of hundred kilometers per hour. Thus was not recognisable in this crowed bus on humpty dumpty roads of national capital. But hand with the bag was not that much ignorable. Now, the palm of uncle mustache was on the thighs of young man and fingers weren’t unmoving. Surprised Lucky couldn’t actually enjoy this scene. By luck, a person in next row left and Lucky took his seat. But the story never ends.

One another boy with musical earpiece plugged and texting from mobile captured this suspicious uncle mustache. Uncle was over grinning as usual and boy was occupied with his gadget unable to find something unusual. But Lucky’s senses were there only. Rest is unspeakable. Groping is no more female thing, male dominant society is ready to capture it, and it can't be labelled as molestation. Alas!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Why I hate you?

Soft and sweet Just like eyelid,
Also little notorious as a kid,
Then O cute why I hate you?
When always all good you did!

Think back to that pretty day,
You saw me with smiley jay,
Then O cute why I hate you?
When had only delight to pay!

 I wonder how it turned bad,
blunder was arrogant chat,
Then O Cute why I hate you?
When dust was invective mat!

The day was of presentation,
You fired in the cruel motion,
Then O cute why I hate you?
When was it expected action!

Come then your innocent gaze,
And led again to hearty maze,
Then O Cute why I hate you?
When heartbeat are on raise!

Still I am scared too much,
Expect you to mixup as bunch,
Then O Cute, why i hate you?
When my love is first such!!!

Sunday, 5 February 2012


Reminisences are spicey
with every moment pricey
so was your love
including the last shove
Infidelity is always a cheat
though also was very sweet
now the spirit is bored
still searching for chord
yet phila would never die
and keep rising ever high
even so i will not solicit thou
my eyes shall seek you